As of June 1st 2021, we transitioned to a fully virtual office and will only offer telehealth services going forward.

Equipping Families to Navigate Life's Storms

Maybe your child is...

  • arguing and not listening to you
  • angry, hitting, and fighting
  • having frequent temper tantrums
  • isolating him/herself
  • feeling sad, anxious, or worried
  • going through a major transition such as divorce, relocation, deployment, etc...
  • experiencing school stress such as bullying, peer pressure, test anxiety, etc...

Perhaps you are...

  • frustrated and exhausted from constant arguing
  • finding yourself "walking on eggshells" to avoid an outburst
  • feeling inadequate or powerless over your child's behavior
  • discouraged with all the parenting books and advice from others
  • worried that your child's behavioral and emotional problems will only get worse
  • concerned about trauma your child experienced prior to coming into your family
  • troubled by personal problems and how they may be affecting your parenting abilities

You are not alone!

  • Being a parent is one of life's most complicated and challenging jobs, but it can also be one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, children do not come with instruction manuals, and most parenting books are not tailored to your child or specific family needs.
  • You love your children and want the best for them, but sometimes you may not know what to do or may even utilize ineffective and unhealthy parenting methods without realizing it.
  • Unresolved issues can hinder your child's development and trigger behavioral and emotional problems that affect the entire family and can last a lifetime. And it is not only your child's, but also your, the parent's, unresolved issues that can have the same negative and long lasting impact. Remember, enduring the situation you're in won't make it better. Make the call and take advantage of the free consult today!

Through child therapy and parent counseling you and your child can:

Reclaim your family now!

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